Kubota MX5800 HST Front Loader

Roy Persinko

Kubota MX5800 - Leader of the Pack

A heavy lifter with fuel economy! ​The MX5800 is the perfect tractor for moving pallets, bins, boxes, totes and barrel racks.

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Nitrogen, the Future of Blueberry Farming

Growing blueberries, like most fruit, truly is part art and a lot of science. It takes people who have a keen interest in why certain plants do what they do to ensure B.C. growers stay competitive and continue to produce arguably the best berries. more »

Jun 9, 2015 2:27 PM Fruit

Raspberry Growers Have Mom to Thank

Raspberry growers have seen positive results for the past two years, but much of the credit goes to Mother Nature according to Dianne Klatt, co-owner of Pacific Coast Fruit. more »

Feb 9, 2015 12:00 AM Fruit

Year in Review 2013 - Apples

Stephanie Symons

Chris Pollock, Marketing Manager for BC Tree Fruits, noted farmers didn’t have to endure the extreme rains they had last year; however, 2013 was not without tribulations.

Year in Review 2013 - Berries

Dusan Kostic |

In B.C. we are lucky that from early summer to late fall, road trips include the delicious taste of locally grown berries.

Year in Review 2013 - Cherries and Soft Fruit

Ewa Niwczyk |

The 2013 growing season gave cherry farmers a break from the rains of 2012. “It was a very good year in terms of quality and size of fruit,” says Chris Pollock, marketing manager for BC Tree Fruits.

Year in Review 2013 - Grapes and Wine

Gajus |

The harvest for 2013 is mostly in. Grape harvests are up from 2012 and quality is said to be superior to the last two years.

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