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Our ever popular Innovation Edition coming out in July. Cutting edge discoveries, people and products! You won't want to miss being included Advertise deadline is approaching fast! Contact: 250-769-2123

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New Filtration Technology Offered by cellar • tek

During the week of April 21-24, Okanagan Crush Pad Winery and Henry of Pelham Winery played host to a demonstration seminar of new filtration technology co-sponsored by cellar•tek supplies and DIEMME Enologica from Lugo, Italy. more »

Jun 9, 2015 1:53 PM Innovations

Evolution Gives Rise to Wine Kegs and Pouches

There are few shortcuts in evolution and two of the most astonishing advancements in wine packaging are no exception. They took more than 6,000 years for the stainless steel keg and the wine pouch to evolve from a common ancestor. more »

Jul 10, 2014 2:33 PM Innovations

Thunderbird Plastics Unveils Lighter, Stackable Fruit Pallets

Look around any farm or fruit packer, and you’ll see one common object: wooden pallets used for moving and shipping large amounts of fruit. But the venerable wooden pallet has its drawbacks. It’s heavy, and can get a lot heavier when wet. more »

Jul 10, 2014 11:09 AM Innovations

New PLU Label Developed

You wouldn’t normally think of a shipping supply company as being innovative – especially one that has been around for more than 38 years. Then again, you haven’t met Ron Brown – Founder and President at Shippers Supply.

Penergetic Makes Your Grapes More Energetic

Better wine. Improved resistance to pests and disease. Reduced use of chemical inputs. You’d think with all those benefits, Penergetic would be a household name in the wine making industry in Canada. But in fact, use of this innovative bio-technology is not yet well known in vineyards here. Derek Pratt, the BC-based importer and Canadian distributor, would like to change that.

The Cork That's Not a Cork

Now winemakers have another choice when it comes to stopping up the wine bottle. This unique new wine bottle from EZ Cap has a reusable flip-top bottle stopper so wine drinkers can simply pop it back on and save their wine for another day.

Constellation Lab Brings Science to Art of Wine

One of the advantages of being part of a large wine company, is you have access to state-of-the-art testing equipment.

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