A Crisis of 2024 Proportion Columbia River Treaty Bites Back



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Columbia river treaty

Wonderful that someone that was not directly affected by the CRT was concerned by the whole process of renegotiation of terms. You point out that 2,300 were displaced by the flooding in the 1960's. For those people I don't think there was very much negotiation involved, people were invited to attend but not heard to any extent. Long time residents suffered who had put decades of work into creating workable arable land. Many never recovered from the loss even though they were given compensation.
Because of the flood control, once floodplain areas in the states have been upgraded into agricultural and industrial land. So now we have an annual flood in the Arrow Lakes to accommodate, the power producers and so-called flood control. The arable land that used to be in the Arrow is under water along with hopes of having sustainable agriculture.
The question for our area is when the treaty is renegotiated or terminated will we have any say in the drastic water levels? Or have we sold out our say to power companies and called upon flood control? There should have been no amount of money that could trade Canadians rights for control of Canadian land to anybody. The 50 year old chess game goes on and it feels like we're in checkmate. The dams are now all in place and new flood control areas are to be negotiated and how strange that power prices are down.

Aafje more than 7 years ago