Public Excluded from ALR Review says NDP



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ALR Pristine farmland used for apartments.

#5 Road & Steveston Highway in Richmond, B.C. was pristine farmland reserved for farming. Lots of Money and Politics went into trading this untouched farmland into apartments. This land was inexpensive, bought up by politicians and reclassified into fantasy gardens. then sold for 25% of the complete cost of the1986 expo lands. End result, cheap ALR land scooped up, sold for millions, and now no farmland and many apartments instead These crooks have fooled a province because media is controlled by money, and anyone who spoke(myself being 1) out was ignored. WE already know our provincial government only cares about making their families and friends wealthy. Our federal government is no better. WHO will stop these crooks and save the protected land?

garry more than 6 years ago