Agritourism includes everything from value-added products to U-Picks to farm stays. Simply put, agritourism is any activity that brings visitors to your farm. more


Anthony Lewis

Gary Symons

So, it’s clearly a weird day. I’m standing in a tiny picker shack with a mad inventor, listening to the howl of electronic sound coming out of a huge speaker, and watching as the sound gradually creates an elegant pictograph out of table salt. more

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From four-course dinners in the orchard, farm stays, fresh fruit and vegetables, and a local products market, to rocking and rolling on the Big Blue Stage, Gatzke’s Orchard in Oyama, BC has lots of activities planned for this summer! more


Does starting an agri-tourism business seem too complicated? Maybe it’s not your cup of tea to have the public on your property? more

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There are raisins ... and then there are California Raisins. That wildly successful exercise in branding, featuring raisins wearing Wayfarer sunglasses, showed fruit growers all over the world the importance of branding. more