Inside the Year End 2019 issue of Orchard & Vine Magazine we have our annual interview with the BC Minister of Agriculture Lana Popham. Read more


This year we took our survey to Facebook, to get some input and comments about the changes the government has made to Bill 52 and Bill 15. We received a lot of responses and a lot of great comments. We have published a few in the print edition of the Read more


At Orchard & Vine, we want to share not only what’s going on in fruit-growing, but also what’s going on with fruit growers. Thank you to the grower-readers who responded to this year’s survey. We know how busy you are and appreciate you taking time t Read more


O&V caught up with Minister Popham the third week of October, just as the legislature went into the Fall session. As in previous years, we found the Minister remains enthusiastic about the state of farming in BC, as she reports back on the progress o Read more


Looking back over another year, one thing I know for sure is that this industry is made up of a passionate bunch of hardworking, heartfelt, and dedicated people making a difference. Read more

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Following in the footsteps of successful wineries in both Europe and California, Okanagan wine growers have long taken advantage of a proven diversity model to enrich their yearly bottom lines as well as their land and “going-concern” o Read more


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Legislation has been introduced to strengthen the independence of the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC), so it can better fulfill its mandate of preserving the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR), while encouraging farming and ranching within British Co Read more


Touring the cranberry bogs

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O&V talked with Agriculture Minister Lana Popham for our year-end edition. Read more


The independent Minister’s Advisory Committee for Revitalizing the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) has submitted its interim report to Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture. Read more


The BC government is seeking ideas and opinions from farmers and the general public on how to revitalize the Agricultural Land Reserve. Read more


An independent committee with members from diverse agricultural backgrounds and experiences will lead the revitalization of the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) and the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) through a consultation process with stakeholder Read more


Today many terms are used to describe the changes we are dealing with in agriculture. Terms such as Agri Tourism, RV Parking, non farm use and worker housing. Read more


The debate over the so-called ‘Land Swap’ in Summerland represents a glimpse into the future of a province where the independent Agricultural Land Commission could lose its autonomy from government. Read more


Pat Pimm got exactly the kind of headlines a new cabinet minister doesn't want, when his proposal to reform the Agricultural Land Commission was leaked to the media. Read more


The NDP Agriculture Critic is calling on Minister Pat Pimm to open the consultation process on the core review of the Agricultural Land Commission. Read more

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The biggest question in BC farming today is what will happen to the Agricultural Land Reserve: Now, a recent Orchard and Vine interview with Agriculture Minister Pat Pimm may provide some of the answers. Read more

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