Peter Toivonen

Photo by Tom Walker

As a post-harvest specialist with AAFC, Toivonen has spent much of his career studying ways to improve apple storage. He’s developed the DA meter into a reliable tool to determine the best time to pick Ambrosia and Honeycrisp for maximum storage. Read more


Okanagan Cherries

Photo contributed by BCTF

At Orchard & Vine, we want to share not only what’s going on in fruit-growing, but also what’s going on with fruit growers. Thank you to the grower-readers who responded to this year’s survey. We know how busy you are and appreciate you taking time t Read more


BC Tree Fruits is excited to unveil a brand new, state-of-the-art peach and apple packing production line in their Oliver packing facility. Read more


The ongoing decline in the bee population is a worrying trend for all farmers who depend on the tiny workers to pollinate their plants… but now, a company in New York is replacing bees with drones. Read more


Each year Orchard & Vine Magazine does a survey of our readers to find out how the year in fruit and berry farming went. Read more


The year weather and disaster took too much of a leading role in the province’s fruit production Read more


Scenic Road Cider Sign

Photo by Gary Symons

A diverse mix of apples and occupations – it all comes together beautifully in award-winning cider and growing innovation. Read more


The BCFGA campaign and election is over and the initial noise had died away. The BCFGA Annual Convention was held February 2-3, 2017 and the re-elected Executive is anxious to get to work. Read more


Loren and Corinne Taves

Photo by Ronda Payne

Loren Taves will tell you, you can’t possibly run a U-pick apple orchard without having a cider mill as well. Read more


Fraser Valley Cider sign

Photo by Murza Keech

Delicious, sweet apples grow beautifully in the Okanagan, but a few hours’ drive to the west in the Lower Mainland? Read more


Apples Summerland

Kim Lawton/

Science is always at the heart of what growers do. Whether it’s Integrated Pest Management studies, analysis of sprays and treatments or exploration into irrigation methods, there is a form of science at play. Read more


The weather played out like an epic novel, but were there heroes in this tale. Read more


This year started two weeks early and ended three weeks early - it was a scramble from the start! Growers contended with windstorms, smoke from forest fires, and excessive heat. Read more


Ambrosia apples were quite easy to grow and had a good yield. They hung nicely on the tree and required very little pruning in the winter. In the summer, the natural spacing of the tree allowed for the summer light to colour them up nicely. Read more



By Andrea Walker

This year’s Fruit Fashion Darlings. Looking at the numbers is one thing, but what really happened with fruit crops this year? Read more


Hail Damaged Apples

Stephanie Symons

2013 Year in Review. The volume of apples received by BC Tree Fruits in 2013 was down, not only due to bad weather, but also because some growers have elected to ship their fruit to the United States for packaging. Read more



William McPhee

Tree roots are important to the overall health of trees and, although proper management of irrigation and soil nutrition are extremely necessary for healthy root systems, it is also important to manage root diseases. Read more


Hail Damage


A 15-minute long hail storm devastated a number of growers in the Kelowna area on August 12. The hail was very large –nearly the size of marbles– and not only bruised and ruined the fruit, but shredded foliage and even damaged tree trunks. Read more


Science is only beginning to really study this family of compounds, of which there may be more than 10,000 and many are suspected of being able to positively affect diseases and body injuries. Most antioxidants are phytochemicals. Read more