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I recently met with a colleague of mine, Rod Phillips. Rod is a veteran in the liquor industry and is the former head buyer for the Liquor Plus retail chain. Read more


PoCo Farmers' Market

Photo by Ronda Payne

In an era where consumers are demanding to know more about the origins of their food, not only do farmers’ markets provide a great opportunity for sales, they are also the ideal place to engage in face-to-face conversations. Read more


Pinot Noir grapes

Photo by James Zandecki |

Could we be growing Cabernet Sauvignon in Kelowna or perhaps even Carignan? Read more


Lunessence Winery & Vineyard is pleased to announce that Maxime Legris has joined the team as Head Winemaker. Legris was most recently Assistant Winemaker at Cedar Creek Estate Winery for two years, and brings with him extensive winemaking, vineyard Read more


Christa-Lee McWatters

Photo by Chris Stenberg

Evolve Cellars' new home will be at 361 Martin St., in downtown Penticton, sharing a roof with sibling TIME Winery. Read more


It’s summer in the Okanagan, which means sunshine, outdoor eats, and (of course) local wine! If you’re wondering where you can get all three of these at once, then look no further Read more


Inside this issue we continue to Celebrate 60 Years of Innovation from Orchard & Vine Magazine, with some historic Innovations from the 1960s. We also feature new Innovative products, ideas and methods. We visit Rhonda Driediger at Driediger Farms an Read more


Farming Karma

Photo by Tom Walker

One day last year, Rutland fruit grower Karmjit (Karm) Gill called over the fence into the vineyard of his neighbour, Anthony Lewis. “Hey Tony, can you make me some apple juice?” Karm is a top apple and cherry producer, farming 120 acres, shipping to Read more


As in many other industry sectors, a new wave of modern business culture with sustainability is entering the wine making tradition and terroir. Read more


If you’ve ever stood by a bin in an orchard recording buckets from cherry pickers with a clip board and pen as a storm approaches, you’ve probably asked yourself, is there a better way? Well, there is. FieldClock. Read more


Cellar-Tek in Kelowna is now offering Ctrl-Ferm®, a new patented system for the detection and monitoring of the fermentation process. Read more


Vancouver-based Vintality, a subsidiary of Geotronics Consulting Inc., is working with BC vineyards and fertilizer companies to boost yields and grape quality while lowering the amount of fertilizer needed to grow grapes. Read more


The BC Enology & Viticulture Conference and Tradeshow is back this year, this time being held at the Penticton Trade & Convention Centre July 15-16, and hosted by the BC Wine Grape Council. Read more


Becker Vineyard

Photo by Lionel Trudel

Few wineries have seen as much anticipation as the new 45,000 square foot, fully organic Phantom Creek Estates facility on the Black Sage Bench in Oliver. Read more


What does a young child do when they see a few toys in a waiting room or playground? They march over and start to play. Read more

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A successful vineyard requires a winemaker with knowledge, passion and hard work in the fields to create an outstanding and memorable wine. At A.O. Wilson, we have a long history of these same qualities that have made us a trusted source for every wi Read more


A brand new Gregoire grape harvester in the fields at the St. Hubertus and Oak Bay Estate Winery is a sign of the owner’s philosophy of balancing hard work with an enjoyable quality of life. Read more


BC wine consumers will soon be able to purchase bottles with Naramata Bench and Skaha Bench on the label, as the BC government has announced the creation of two new wine appellations in the province. Read more


Edugyan and Price

Photo by Don Denton

Liquidity Winery in Okanagan Falls is adding to its lineup of artistic experiences, with a new event called Wine & Words. Read more


I spent an interesting morning at the museum the other day, doing some research by looking through past issues of the inaugural edition of Orchard & Vine magazine, ‘The Orchardist”, circa 1959. There were so many old photos and articles that made me Read more

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