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Santa Rosa Fire

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When the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus coined the phrase “The only thing that is constant is change,” he probably wasn’t thinking about global warming. more


Stewart Family Estates' Proprietor & CEO Tony Stewart is pleased to announce that a joint sales promotion for Quails’ Gate Winery and Lake Sonoma Winery has resulted in a donation of more than $5,000 to the BC Hospitality Foundation (BCHF). more


For the Spring issue O&V features our 2018 Buyer's Guide. Find Suppliers for goods and services for the Orchard, Vineyard and Wine Making Industries. Get the latest on how both the BCFGA and the Wine Industry are dealing with Climate Change. As well more


Orchard & Vine's 2018 Buyer's Guide. Find Suppliers for goods and services for the Orchard, Vineyard and Wine Making Industries. more


For Pre Spring O&V features our 2018 Tractor Issue. The latest on orchard & vineyard tractors, specs, the future of robotic tractors and our reader survey. Advice on getting into the cannabis market, new stone fruit varieties and more more


New Trends in Sparkling Wine

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Next time you pop a tasty bubbly made in BC, think back to an earlier era when Baby Duck stormed onto the scene. more

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Welcome to the Annual O&V Tractor Guide and Survey. The O&V Annual Tractor Guide and Survey looked at how robotics play a role in tractor technology and we asked readers their opinions in our Tractor Survey. more


For Bill Broddy, it all started while riding his bike shortly after moving to the Okanagan Valley in 2015. Broddy was out for a bike ride on the back roads of his new hometown, musing about his hobby of creating sourdough bread, more


Buying Wine

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Aussie winemakers are accusing Canada of unfair business practices. BC wine lovers may like having VQA wines in their grocery stores, but the move has winemakers Down Under in a tizzy. more


Pouring wine in the Blue Grouse tasting room.

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BC wineries are on a roll, as a recent poll found local residents increasingly prefer drinking BC wines over imports. According to the December survey by Insights West and Will Creative, 58 per cent of BC drinkers prefer wines produced in the BC more


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If you’ve ever seen a robotic vacuum scoot around the room cleaning your floor you know how enjoyable it is to see your floors cleaned without lifting a finger. If you don’t own one, there are plenty of funny cat videos online riding these robotic ho more

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Arterra Wines Canada, Inc. (AWC) has acquired Laughing Stock Vineyards (LFNG), a family-owned, premium boutique winery, founded in 2003 by David and Cynthia Enns. LFNG is located on the Naramata Bench and their flagship wine, Portfolio, is considered more


Tractors are one of the most useful and dangerous pieces of farm equipment. When working with tractors, it is crucial for operators to follow safety procedures to minimize serious injuries or even fatalities. more

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We are shocked that the Alberta Premier and Government are aggressively boycotting BC wineries over a yet-to-be-determined British Columbia government policy in a different sector. more


The 2018 Wine Bloggers Conference will take place October 4-7 in Walla Walla, Washington. Registration is open now. We last visited Walla Walla in 2010, the third year of the conference, and it was one of the highest-rated conferences in the ten-year more


Smoke on the water.

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We always look forward to our annual survey of winemakers and grape growers. It’s a chance for us to hear directly from our readers about what’s happening in the industry. But this year we were a little nervous about what we’d hear. more


Martin’s Lane

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This has been a momentous year for BC wines, not because of the wines produced, but due to the business related developments that are shaking up the entire industry. more


Maverick's owner and winemaker Bertus Albertyn

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Small wineries are the heart and soul of the BC wine industry. The story of Maverick Estate demonstrates how one such winery navigates the gauntlet of challenges to establish a rising reputation for unique, distinctive wines. more


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