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Sandra Oldfield (left) lays out the new legal landscape for liquor.

Michael Botner

Reforming Liquor Law in B.C.

Big changes are coming for BC Liquor Laws; perhaps the biggest changes since prohibition was repealed in 1921. more »

Apr 9, 2014 , Wine

BCWI Wants Wine at the Grocery Store

If the BC Wine Institute gets its way, you’ll soon be able to go to the grocery store to pick up some eggs, a loaf of bread, some milk ... and a 2011 Cabernet Franc. more »

Apr 9, 2014 News

Locally produced craft beer, wine, cider and spirits for sale at BC Farmers' Markets

Good news announced today for the support in the near future for locally produced craft beer, wine, cider and spirits to be sold at BC Farmers' Markets by Premier Christy Clark. more »

Dec 11, 2013 News

BC Liquor Law

BC’s Attorney General is currently reviewing a wide-ranging proposal to modernize BC’s liquor laws. The results could have profound impacts on wineries, brew pubs and distilleries. more »

Dec 4, 2013 Features

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Blog Entries

B.C. Reviews Laws Governing Liquor

Laws are like a mirror that reflect the society they govern. When laws become outdated, they are no longer respected and become difficult to enforce. more »

Dec 4, 2013 Legal Libations

Tied House Rules

For those of you in the wine industry, you may have experienced limitations in your ability to sell and distribute your wine due to the tied house rules. more »

Apr 8, 2013 Legal Libations

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