Cellar-Tek in Kelowna is now offering Ctrl-Ferm®, a new patented system for the detection and monitoring of the fermentation process. Read more


AEB Fermol Glutaferm One-  selected for its naturally high production of glutathione, this yeast is best suited for naturally protecting wine from oxidation. Less SO2 additions are necessary to give a wine fermented with Fermol Glutaferm One a longer Read more


Laffort Zymaflore Égide - a combination of Torulaspora delbruekii and Metschnikowa pulcherruma, this yeast is used for bioprotection of grapes in place of SO2. Read more


A lunch and learn seminar hosted by Cellar Tek & White Kennedy sponsored by Orchard & Vine Magazine. Read more


Join White Kennedy and Cellar Tek over lunch to educate yourself on expanding your winery. Sponsored by Orchard & Vine Magazine. Read more


The MicroFlex direct-flow filter, designed by Diemme Enologia in Lugo, Italy, has come across the pond to North America. The Canadian supplier, Cellar-Tek, is very happy about this development because of the advantages it will provide wine makers. Read more