David Geen

Inside the Fall 2018 issue of Orchard & Vine Magazine we have stories about people who have taken big leaps, they’ve had dreams and taken action. Industry veteran Harry McWatters and his new Time Winery, Ian MacDonald, President of Liquidity Wines an Read more


Life can get very hectic in the cherry farming business and sometimes it’s noisier than your non-farming neighbours might like. Read more


Dave Geen

Photo by Tom Walker

The cherry industry in the Okanagan is evolving and Coral Beach Farms, the largest cherry grower in the Okanagan, and indeed in Canada, is an example of that evolution. Read more


Have you heard that fall is the new January, as in; we tend to get back on track and set up new routines after the summer season is over or once the kids go back to school. Or in the case of harvest, you could be in full work mode, so there is no tim Read more

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