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Wine Bottle and Grapes

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2013 Year in Review. The harvest for 2013 is mostly in. Grape harvests are up from 2012 and quality is said to be superior to the last two years. more

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Dr Patrick Vuchot

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One of the speakers at the 14th Annual Enology & Viticulture Conference in Penticton was Dr. Patrick Vuchot of the Inter-Rhone and Institut Rhodanien in Orange, France. more

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In April Osoyoos hosted the annual Slow Food Canada National Meeting. This was the first time the national event had ever been hosted in anything but a large city. Conversely, this was the most ambitious Slow Food event ever held in Canada and arguab more

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Local Cherry Growers

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Federal Trade Minister Peter Van Loan, flanked by local politicians, was in Kelowna in early July to announce funds for research and development in the apple and sweet cherry industry. more

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Tracy Gray

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Discover Wines in Kelowna is the number one VQA store in the province, measured by sales. Owner Tracy Gray hopes that she can turn her purchase of another VQA license, which she has moved to Kamloops, into B.C.’s number two store. more

Jun 3, 2013 2:26 PM News

In the Central Okanagan Regional District the Economic Development Commission (EDC) began a pilot project last year, linking struggling farm revenues to the burgeoning tourist industry. more

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Apple Promotion

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Making February as the month to celebrate apples might seem more than a little counterintuitive, but it turns out there is a method to BC Tree Fruit’s madness. more

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Innovation Council assists battered cherry growers. more

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Cherry Survival On Slow Boat To China. Finding the balance between freshness and flavour. more

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When two insects, such as the cranberry tipworm and the blueberry gall midge, look so alike that they can’t be distinguished visually, but are actually different insects, they are called cryptic species. more

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2012 BCFGA

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Kirpal Boparai has finally acknowledged the inevitable, giving up his post as president of the BCFGA board amidst a storm of controversy. more

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Suppose you sat down at a table with two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and, after carefully sampling both, you describe the one on the left as having chocolate and plum overtones but the second is dryer with an astringent nose. more

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Consider the pineberry...Examining the Pineberry phenomenon, looking for growth, shipping and distribution opportunities is like studying one ripple in a big pond. Causes for ripples are numerous: a thrown rock, a fish just under the surface. more

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By 2024 the Columbia River Treaty will turn 60, but long before then Canadians must decide whether to keep the treaty going indefinitely, scrap it or renegotiate. more

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In his pre-election pitch Kirpal Boparai, the new president of the British Columbia Fruit Growers’ Association, said he wanted to bring strong leadership to the position. more

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Foreign Workers

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Government hints at changes to foreign worker programs. more

Oct 19, 2012 2:12 PM News

fire blight

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As diseases go for apple and pear farmers, few are as devastating as fire blight. more

Oct 16, 2012 2:04 PM News

The axiom is “Ninety percent of the wine happens in the vineyard.” If that’s true it follows, for economic reasons as well as of better flavour, that every winery maker and vineyard owner wants the best trained staff possible. more

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