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Researchers and Farmers Team Up

Photo by Government of BC

Over the next four years, farmers and researchers across the province will be working together to demonstrate and evaluate technologies and practices that increase the resilience of British Columbia’s farms and ranches as producers adapt to a changin Read more


thrip damage

Photo by Catherine Eckert |


SWD damage on blueberries.

Photo by ES Cropconsult

With few tools available for spotted wing drosophila management, research is making great strides in organic solutions. Read more


Bee on bellflower

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To turn flowers into food, most fruit requires the efforts of insect pollinators and European honey bees are the work horse of agriculture. But is the labour of the European honey bee enough? Can their work be supplemented and assisted? Read more



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With the increased planting of day neutral strawberries, growers are facing pests that are familiar, but more persistent. Read more