Farm to Table

The 2017 Canadian Culinary Championships is taking place in Kelowna, BC February 3-4, 2017. Strong ticket sales are already surpassing sales from previous years, with 90% of tickets for each event already being sold. Read more


Laurica Farm

Photo by Ronda Payne

Small-scale farmers and growers often offer agri-tourism activities and events on the farm in order to get their name, products and the business of growing and farming in front of consumers, but just how many events are too many? Read more


Farm to Table, locally sourced and handcrafted is the trend for today’s customers, who want local authentic experiences at home or while travelling. Read more


BC Association of Farmers’ Markets invites people from BC to submit an original poem to honour local farmers during Farmers' Appreciation Week September 12-19, 2015 Read more


Lavender Farm

Kirsten Wakal

The sixth annual FarmFolk CityFolk Okanagan Feast of Fields has come and gone, and oh, what an event it was. It’s not quite clear how the FarmFolk CityFolk organizers are able to get the weather to cooperate each and every year, but they do. Read more