The BCFGA campaign and election is over and the initial noise had died away. The BCFGA Annual Convention was held February 2-3, 2017 and the re-elected Executive is anxious to get to work. Read more


Want Land? Got Land? Are you a farmer looking for land? Are you a landowner looking for farmers? We Want You! Join us for a workshop on the nuts and bolts of land linking. Read more


The Lower Mainland Horticultural Improvement Association organizes the Annual Growers’ Short Course. 2015 is the 57th annual event.Don't miss out on your chance to register. Details below... Read more


Sorting out what is taxable and what isn't, when and if you should incorporate, and at what stage you need to hire a tax professional, can be as daunting as navigating a tractor down a muddy, steep, narrow row on a rainy day. Read more


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