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Sea Cider

Photo by Mike Pepperdine, Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse

2016 was a gift of a season for many of the fruit growers on Vancouver Island. The weather seemed to align for a perfect blend of good pollination, early establishment and fruitful ripening. more


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Ambrosia apples were quite easy to grow and had a good yield. They hung nicely on the tree and required very little pruning in the winter. In the summer, the natural spacing of the tree allowed for the summer light to colour them up nicely. more


It is hard to believe that food safety has only been in place nationally for 7 years. The CHC’s CanadaGAP initiative started when growers were being faced with multiple food safety requirements from retailers each putting their own spin on programs, more


Consider the pineberry...Examining the Pineberry phenomenon, looking for growth, shipping and distribution opportunities is like studying one ripple in a big pond. Causes for ripples are numerous: a thrown rock, a fish just under the surface. more



William McPhee

Co-operative venture - A careful consideration Many new growers who have moved into the Okanagan and bought a farm ask for advice on how to best manage the farm they have bought. One of their first questions is: should I join the co-operative or not? more