Grape Growing


Photo by Lionel Trudel

Wine grape growers had to stay on top of their vine management in order to have a solid season according to the experience of Val Tait, general manager and winemaker with Bench 1775 on the Naramata Bench. She knows full well there are no two identica more


Autumn View in Okanagan Falls

Photo by BCWI

It seems the one constant in Canada's wine industry is growth. While the seasons change, and the climate changes, Canada continues to see strong and lasting growth in acres planted, number of wineries, wine prices, revenues and profits. Our country i more


Canadian grape growers now have access to an innovative, organic soil amendment that’s improving vineyard soil quality and producing healthier, more resilient vines in California. more


Welcome to the Annual O&V Tractor Guide and Survey. The O&V Annual Tractor Guide and Survey looked at how robotics play a role in tractor technology and we asked readers their opinions in our Tractor Survey. more


An unusually hot spring led to an early and vigorous growing season. Cooler summer temperatures allowed the grapes to develop flavour complexity, moderate alcohol, balanced tannins and natural acidity in what is, by all accounts, an excellent vintage more


An innovative way to keep your grapes cold once they have been picked. Just spray on a layer of snow as needed with your Snow Horn and a bit of CO2 - it's that easy! Now available at Bosagrape Winery & Brew Supplies! more