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Researchers at the University of Adelaide have discovered how grapes breathe… and the negative impact on wine when they are ‘short of breath’. more


The quest for something other than Sovereign Coronation led researchers at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre to connect with others in the industry to explore more options in Canadian-grown table grapes. more


Growing reds in Vancouver Island’s cool climate is an ongoing challenge. At Averill Creek Vineyard Andy Johnston is stretching the season by wrapping his pinot noir and merlot grapes with plastic to promote bud break and create a greenhouse warming. more


Hugging Tree Winery

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Farming is a cycle of growth, maturation, harvest, and preparation for the next season. Add in the making and selling a product like wine, and things can get complicated. more


Congratulations to Darcy Nybo our own Orchard & Vine writer for publishing a great new childrens' book. The Great Grape Adventure Okanagan highlights things to do and see from Enderby to Osoyoos. more


Wine Bottle and Grapes

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2013 Year in Review. The harvest for 2013 is mostly in. Grape harvests are up from 2012 and quality is said to be superior to the last two years. more


Flip through he pages of the 2013 Fall Issue of Orchard & Vine more


Hail Damage


A 15-minute long hail storm devastated a number of growers in the Kelowna area on August 12. The hail was very large –nearly the size of marbles– and not only bruised and ruined the fruit, but shredded foliage and even damaged tree trunks. more


Mark your calendar on September 12th for the party of the year! Celebrate the season’s harvest with BC grapegrowers enjoy a night of diner, music and fun. Featuring a chef prepared dinner including chicken and seafood plus lots of fresh local produce more


Frontenac Grapes

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The grape and wine industry in British Columbia needs to become aware of the availability of hardy wine varieties that produce good quality wine as shown by the gold, silver and bronze medals won in numerous Canadian and international wine competitio more



Despite a soggy start to the season, Mother Nature eventually came through making August and September perfect for grape growers. In the Okanagan, picking started in the south in early September. more

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