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Tractors at St. Hubertus

Photo by Leo Gebert St Hubertus & Oak Bay Vineyards

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Tractor shadow

Terrance Emerson

Orchard & Vine Magazines 2015 Tractor Guide. Looking for a New Orchard or Vineyard Tractor. We have the information. more

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2014 is a big year for innovation in tractor design. Due partly to tighter EPA regulations on diesel emissions. tractors coming out in 2014 and 2015 are quieter, produce less pollution, get better fuel economy and still provide more horsepower. more

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Emissions Impossible: New Tier 4 Engines Radically Lower Pollution, But At What Cost? Any farmer who owns a tractor near the end of its life will face a major choice over the next 12 months. more

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Wet clutch for engine and pto, 25 gpm hyd output. Hyd shuttle, 540/540E pto for fuel savings. more

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5083En(83hp) or 5093en(93hp) also available Cab or open station models. more

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