Pacific Agriculture Show

The Pacific Agricultural Show is an opportunity to learn and network with industry leaders and suppliers from horticulture to livestock. more


Mark your calendar and book your hotel rooms from January 28 to January 30, as this year promises to be another great place to learn high-level information for agricultural producers at the 18th Annual Pacific Agriculture Show in Abottsford, BC. more


With the Pac Ag show getting better each year, space is already at a premium for the 17th Annual Pacific Agriculture Show in January. There's a strong demand for space by previous show participants. more


The Lower Mainland Horticultural Improvement Association organizes the Annual Growers’ Short Course. 2015 is the 57th annual event.Don't miss out on your chance to register. Details below... more


Over 130,000 square feet and over 275 exhibitors from various sectors in the agriculture industry! Booths are filling up fast, so reserve your space today! more


2014 is a big year for innovation in tractor design. Due partly to tighter EPA regulations on diesel emissions. tractors coming out in 2014 and 2015 are quieter, produce less pollution, get better fuel economy and still provide more horsepower. more


The complete program of all seminars of interest to berry and fruit growers at the Pacific Agriculture Show. more


A Taste of BC Agriculture

Lisa Olson

Tickets to the annual BC Agriculture Gala are going fast, and this year is expected to be an early sell-out as the 4H Club celebrate their 100th year in BC at the same event. more


Year-in-Review: what happened in grapes, wine, apples, cherries, berries and more! Land, Labour and Liquor Laws, Annual interview with the BC Agriculture Minister Pat Pimm, and a guide to the Pacific Agriculture Show and much more! more


The dreaded Townsend Vole

The Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust

Pilot study revealed at Pacific Agriculture Show last year results in full five-year program investigating impact of Townsend Vole on berry crops. more


Vinegar Fly hard at work, destroying fruit crops

Washington State University

BC Ministry of Agriculture says 2013 was "worst year ever" for damage from Spotted Wing Drosophila. The Horticulture Growers' Short Course will focus heavily on management techniques to control the new threat. more


Robotic Welders at Work

Photo submitted

New, higher quality fuel tanks on display at Pacific Agriculture Show, built by robotic welders. more


Planning to exhibit at this year's Pacific Ag Show? Better act fast; even after adding more display booths, the Ag Show is almost at capacity. more