Inside this issue is our 2017 Buyer's Guide, which includes a comprehensive list of suppliers of goods and services for the Orchard and Vineyard Industry. From accounting to Winery Supplies find the product or service you need. more


Siva Sabaratnam, plant pathologist with the BC Ministry of Agriculture is seeing too many problems in strawberry fields lately. He recognizes that many of the issues involve soil-borne pathogens and wanted to take a closer look. more


Sustainability, in the wine business, as with most other industries, is a timely and exciting wave that is changing the business world, turning challenges into opportunities. more


The fall of 2012 marked challenging times for growers when it came to planting and replanting new stock, new rules on the use of fumigants made plants susceptible to root-lesion nematodes. more


We all know that water is one of our most important resources, and this is very true in the Okanagan which has less than 300 mm of rainfall per year. more


Jocelyn Durston and Chris Kasza

Ronda Payne

To most consumers, organic means the absence of chemicals in, or on, the food they buy. The more astute may even refer to integrated pest management or the avoidance of GMOs. more