Jack Braich

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Abbotsford is home to a lot of large farming families and the Braichs are a typical example of the expansion, contraction, diversity and shared management seen in many multi-generational operations that span the decades. Read more


Ontario, like BC, produces a greater volume of fresh strawberries than processed, so looking at how those berries are sold, as well as areas for challenges and wins, can represent great opportunities for western growers. Read more


thrip damage

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Berry plants are susceptible to the predations of weevils, but not all berries have the same issues with the busy creatures. These nocturnal pests can be controlled, according to entomologists Tracy Hueppelsheuser of BCAGRI Read more


Inside this issue is our 2017 Buyer's Guide, which includes a comprehensive list of suppliers of goods and services for the Orchard and Vineyard Industry. From accounting to Winery Supplies find the product or service you need. Read more


Siva Sabaratnam, plant pathologist with the BC Ministry of Agriculture is seeing too many problems in strawberry fields lately. He recognizes that many of the issues involve soil-borne pathogens and wanted to take a closer look. Read more


Verticillium wilt

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Armed with a list of 13 crown and root diseases in strawberries, Siva Sabaratnam of the Ministry of Agriculture took the stage at the 2016 Pacific Agriculture Show in Abbotsford to discuss options for management of some of the most likely suspects. Read more



By Andrea Walker

This year’s Fruit Fashion Darlings. Looking at the numbers is one thing, but what really happened with fruit crops this year? Read more



Dusan Kostic |

2013 Year in Review. In B.C. we are lucky that from early summer to late fall, road trips include the delicious taste of locally grown berries. Read more


Science is only beginning to really study this family of compounds, of which there may be more than 10,000 and many are suspected of being able to positively affect diseases and body injuries. Most antioxidants are phytochemicals. Read more


Considering the weather and other issues, the 2012 season was good for strawberry growers in southwestern B.C. Yields were on par with the previous year with estimates of 170 tonnes of processed strawberries and 1,275,000 pounds of fresh. Read more


When it comes to defining agriculture, and specifically crops, berries always take a starring role in the province. Read more