The View Winery

Inside the Pre Spring 2020 issue of Orchard & Vine Magazine we have our annual Tractor Survey and Specs for Orchard and Vineyard Tractors. We also spoke to Jennifer Turton-Molgat about Ward's Cider and the View Winery. Each generation of the family Read more


Jennifer Turton-Molgat and her father Chris Turton.

Photo by Bill Christensen of Take 2 Digital.

Many people in the Okanagan Valley know The View winery for its award-winning wines, its innovative wine in a can called Bling and its iconic red shoe branding. But did you know that the View also produces Wards Cider, one of the region’s top premier Read more


Craft cideries have been popping up around B.C. in the last several years. What they produce is not what many Canadians have typically experienced. Read more