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Hitting the desired locations with sprayed product in a dense canopy may feel like part math equation and part crap shoot. Too much spray means waste. Too little means not enough product hits the targets for the desired effect. more

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Avenue Machinery Corp. opened its doors in 1947 in Mission, B.C. specializing in the sale and service of Massey Ferguson farm tractors. By 1968 - Avenue moved to their current location in Abbotsford. more

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Orchard & Vine's 2017 Buyer's Guide includes a comprehensive list of suppliers of goods and services for the Orchard and Vineyard Industry. From accounting to Winery Supplies find the product or service you need. more

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An unusually hot spring led to an early and vigorous growing season. Cooler summer temperatures allowed the grapes to develop flavour complexity, moderate alcohol, balanced tannins and natural acidity in what is, by all accounts, an excellent vintage more

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A new growing season is on the horizon and planning for the coming year often points to the need for a new tractor or other machinery to make jobs around the orchard and farm easier. more

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Kubota has made some great improvements to its popular line of Narrow Tractors in the New M4N and M5N models used throughout BC for working in the orchards and vineyards. The M4/M5 series gained its popularity because it combines the most narrow foot more

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The mid-week event at Vintage’s Wasco, California headquarters attracted guests from many well-known wine, table and raisin grape vineyards across California. more

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Lunessence – working with the moon and the essence of nature, is the philosophy of the owner and manager of a new winery in Summerland opened in 2015. more

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Okanagan College has three wine industry certificate programs specifically designed to serve the needs of the wine industry, and give students the tools and knowledge to succeed in carving out a career with award-winning vineyards in the area. more

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Sustainability, in the wine business, as with most other industries, is a timely and exciting wave that is changing the business world, turning challenges into opportunities. more

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Replacing fence posts can be a never-ending task. Now there’s a new product that will increase the life span of pressure-treated wood by fending off soil microorganisms at the critical rot zone where decay happens the fastest. more

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Orchard & Vine Magazines 2015 Tractor Guide. Looking for a New Orchard or Vineyard Tractor. We have the information. more

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Agriculture is a dangerous business. It is consistently found to be one of the most hazardous workplaces in BC. In 2014, the Okanagan Region was the site of three serious tractor incidents. more

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The Regional District discovered in 2013 that wineries use five to eight litres of water for every litre of wine produced, so water meters were installed in wineries. more

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Whatcom Manufacturing's Mulch Spreaders are specifically engineered for fast, easy and precise mulch application. Whether it's for moisture evaporation, weed control, amendments or enhancing soil tilth, saves time and money. more

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Join the wineries of Okanagan Falls this holiday season for our open house weekend in the “Heart of Wine Country”! more

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New from Vine Tech Equipment is a free smart phone app to help growers calibrate their sprayers for orchards, berries and vineyards. more

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Slimline Manufacturing is more than a sprayer manufacturer. They take customer service one step further by giving farmers, orchardists, and vineyard workers the information they need to stay competitive by saving money. more

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Before you buy any new equipment to improve your operations efficiency in 2013, have a look at what Kubota has to offer. more

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