An innovative way to keep your grapes cold once they have been picked. Just spray on a layer of snow as needed with your Snow Horn and a bit of CO2 - it's that easy! Now available at Bosagrape Winery & Brew Supplies! more


Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate Winery, part of the huge Constellation Brands empire that makes and markets wine, beer and spirits, reports the earliest date for harvesting grapes in the south Okanagan. more


Local wisdom has it that the young are better off going elsewhere for higher education and work. It is great living here when you were growing up – or retired – but in between prospects for a career in farming, forestry or tourism tend to be rare. more


The axiom is “Ninety percent of the wine happens in the vineyard.” If that’s true it follows, for economic reasons as well as of better flavour, that every winery maker and vineyard owner wants the best trained staff possible. more