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Out of round is condition where the wine bottle is slightly oval in shape making it difficult to label a bottle properly. Sink/bulge is a spot in the bottle that has a small sink in it or bulge. more

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Growers and wineries took the time during a hectic harvest and crush period to respond to the Orchard & Vine 2016 Wine Survey. more

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Kathleen McCaffrey

Courtesy of Okanagan College

Okanagan College has three wine industry certificate programs specifically designed to serve the needs of the wine industry, and give students the tools and knowledge to succeed in carving out a career with award-winning vineyards in the area. more

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Sustainability, in the wine business, as with most other industries, is a timely and exciting wave that is changing the business world, turning challenges into opportunities. more

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Four Seasons Hotel China

British Columbia Events Showcase "East Meets West" Culinary Collaboration in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong more

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Complete list of Winter Wine Events for this up-coming Holiday Season! more

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FREE Lunch & Learn Seminar Tuesday November 25th Effective budgets, forecasting, how to implement current technology and increasing the overall capacity of your winery. more

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Wineries needing temperature controlled storage in the Okanagan finally have an answer to the problem. more

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Tinhorn Creek Winery front door

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This year marks Tinhorn Creek Wineries 20th Anniversary read about the start and the many fun events planned for the year here . . . more

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New-Line stocks food grade hose, fittings, and components that are used in wineries, breweries, food processing plants, beverage dispensing systems, municipal water supply, and for conveying food grade products. more

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