Wine Technology

Dr. Matthew Dahabieh, Head of Research at Renaissance, will present an hour-long industry seminar on yeast fermentation to prevent hydrogen sulfide (H2S) contamination in wine at the 16th Enology & Viticulture Conference. more


There is much in the news today about how technology is driving a wedge between people. Children and adults spend too much time with heads bent downward looking at small screens rather than talking to the person beside them. more


The MicroFlex direct-flow filter, designed by Diemme Enologia in Lugo, Italy, has come across the pond to North America. The Canadian supplier, Cellar-Tek, is very happy about this development because of the advantages it will provide wine makers. more


Making good wine is a team effort. From viticulturists and vintners, there are dozens of people involved in creating a good wine. As a winemaker, you know it takes great grapes, expertise, and innovative technology to get your wine noticed more




Wine secrets introduces the ground breaking robotic barrel rejuvenation system, Phoenix is so effective that red barrels can be used for white fermentation and aging. more