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Did romance ever save anyone money? Probably not. And when it comes to the romance of winemaking, Luke Smith would resoundingly say, definitely not. Smith feels the industry can still have the taste of tradition while giving up some of the cost and w more


Bottling Excellence Lecture Series Penticton, BC is designed to help you improve the quality of your wines by giving you access to leading edge presenters, technology and worldwide best practices. more


Lunessence – working with the moon and the essence of nature, is the philosophy of the owner and manager of a new winery in Summerland opened in 2015. more


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So, it’s clearly a weird day. I’m standing in a tiny picker shack with a mad inventor, listening to the howl of electronic sound coming out of a huge speaker, and watching as the sound gradually creates an elegant pictograph out of table salt. more

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Making good wine is a team effort. From viticulturists and vintners, there are dozens of people involved in creating a good wine. As a winemaker, you know it takes great grapes, expertise, and innovative technology to get your wine noticed more




Wine secrets introduces the ground breaking robotic barrel rejuvenation system, Phoenix is so effective that red barrels can be used for white fermentation and aging. more