BC's Original Family-Owned Winery Celebrates Three Anniversaries

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George and Trudy

Congrats to George, Trudy, and Grey Monk for 36 years of producing a consistently high quality product, much appreciated.

Rick & Alina more than 1 year ago

George and Trudy

Few people today realize just what these two remarkable people have accomplished; how much they risked; and how much they contributed to the founding of today's, modern and flourishing BC wine industry. I'm so delighted to have been there (almost) at the beginning. Their wines unswervingly reflect the purity of the fruit, a nod to their heritage and a style that they believe in. Oh, and amazing value. And I can report that George's jokes are still as bad / good / non PC (pick one or all) as ever!

Tim more than 2 years ago

George and Trudy

Thanks for your kind comments, we think so too and love their smiling faces!

lisaadmin (orchardandvine.net) more than 2 years ago